"Shauna Cole at Perfect Lead Therapy has been huge part of my barrel horse training and competing. Whether its a young colt at a futurity or a experienced horse at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, she has made a difference in how they compete. Not only do I find them improve physically, I find that after a treatment with Shauna they walk away feeling mentally refreshed as well. Which I feel is equally important. Another admirable quality Shauna has is that she really does this for the horse, she genuinely wants to help and make a difference, the best part is she truly does. If I am questioning anything in a horse I know who to contact.
If I want to continue having a successful career in barrel racing, then I need to remain using Shauna Cole to treat my horses. I've used her in the past, present and will go on using her long into the future."

Thank you so much for what you have done for my horses

Sierra Stoney
5 time CFR qualifier
Numerous Futurity and Derby champion
Calgary Stampede qualifier

"I have finally found a equine therapist that can do it all from nutrition to soundness and keep them working. Her medical background is a bonus for the explanations of all her techniques."
Janet Patriquin, QH Breeder & Barrel Racer

7:20am Mar 28
Good morning!
Well I could hardly sleep. What a unbelievable day with some of the most outstanding horsemen and women. Shauna Cole how could I ever say enough great stuff about you and all you do for everyone's horses and everyone you come in contact. Thank you for doing such a outstanding job at supplying our little seminar with such top of the line equine performance products from your ALL IN ONE supplement to the Equi Winner patches. You turned uncertainty into factual knowledgeable certainty. Dr Mike Ross you blow me out of the water with such factual Equine Dentistry information. I know you felt a little put on the spot because of your busy schedule but you know your stuff and I learnt so much. You changed my training dental program so it will begin when I begin and that for me to provide the best job as a owner and trainer dental comfort improves a solid foundation on my horses. Melissa Harding you brought farrier work back to reality. Every horse big small pony to performance horse deserves to live in sound balance. We can be baffled with bologna but having a sound horse from good farrier work is what matters and understanding balancing your horse to themselves and seeing why level is level and level creates soundness. Is a good first step in creating great all around sound horses. So I hope everyone can see that looking at the whole horse is were soundness and solid foundations begin and that in always coming back to your foundation creates a long life of happiness between you and your outstanding equine friends and athletes. Thank you so much for coming out everyone and please keep in contact This is just my start of this Exceptional Equine Journey.

"My best team roping heel horse suffered a severe injury by pulling all the muscles in his chest and girth and I thought my roping days off his back were done, I was deflated. A horseshoeing client referred me to Shauna and after taking him to her and receiving treatment and then doing rehab therapy I am happy to say I am back roping again with him as good as before his injury. I now refer anyone I do horseshoeing for who has a problems with their horses heath to Shauna"
Gord Polis, Team Roper & Farrier

"I have been a farrier for the past 14 years. Being a very physical job, I have had some issues with my siatic nerve and lower back. Shauna has hepled me relieve my pain using Reki. She has also provided me with a Back On Track back brace which I wear on a regular basis. With her help I am able to do my job without having to work with pain."

Frank Jackson
Gunn, Alberta

Kyra Casorso posted on Perfect Lead Therapy & Nutrition's timeline
"Shauna worked on my mare on Sunday, and after 2 years of her being off, multiple equine massage therapists and chiropractors working on her, with no one being able to give me a straight answer, I finally got one! I rode her today, and for the first time in 2 years she willingly picked up her right lead, (which has been her sore lead for 2 years) and decided to take me for a gallop! She is feeling damn good! Thanks for fixing my girl Shauna!!!"