About Us

Throughout the past 40 years of riding and training horses and 20+ years as a nurse I knew that there had to be a less invasive way to keep horses and riders healthy and pain free. Through years of research, training and trying different modalities I have found what I feel is the perfect holistic approach to keeping people and horses balanced.

Formal Training

~ Certified Usui Reiki Master~
~ Japanese Reiki Practitioner~
~ Non-Invasive Chiropractic & Alchemy~
~ Equine Adjustment & Hoof Assessments~
~ Animal & Human Energy Balancing~
~ Herbal Assessor & Muscle Testing~
~ Nutritional Counselor~
~ Crystal & Gemstone Healing~
~ Tru-Touch Therapy Certification~
~ Diploma in Equine Accupuncture ~
~ Reiki Instructor ~