Custom Supplements

~A wide variety of herbs and supplements individually assessed for you and your horse for 
  general health & performance enhancement. ~

~ Most supplements I recommend will be short term , my goal is to help the horse heal the
    problem so that daily continue  Supplementation is not necessary. Which is more natural for the horse
     and much better for your wallet. ~

~ Many of my supplements are in tea form which makes it very cost effective. Such as my
    Kidney Clear, Hormone Helper, Marlie Blend, Digestive defence & Virus Fighter

~ Other products such as Digestive Care and Performance Bleeder Formula is in a easy to feed 
    Powder. ~ 

~ I always recommend Equiwinner Patch's along with any program we decide on. The patch's set
     the body up for success. And make the simple program even more effective. ~ 


                                  "IT'S ALL ABOUT KEEPING YOU & YOUR HORSES BALANCED"

I am proud to support Co-op Caliber Working Horse Ration Complete Feed, I  recommend  it to all my clients it supports all of the needs for every level of horse.