What is Reiki? and how can it help?....Reiki is the "Universal Life Force Energy" that compliments all medical treatments and natural therapies-it balances the energy flow throughout the body.

~ Safe, gentle, and non-intrusive
~ Speeds up the healing process
~ Balances behavior
~ Relieves pain
~ Reduces injury recovery time

What does a treatment cost and how many are needed?

Equine & Human Adjustment & Treatment $70.00 + GST per session .. any herbs, supplements, or products are as quoted.
Equine and Human Treatments are individually evaluated and include the appropriate services needed with explanation and consent with the client.
Travel Costs within 1 hour are $15.00 per horse. More than a hour travel time is $20.00 per horse. 
More than 3 hours is $25.00 per horse. 
Travelling out of province fees will be discussed at time of booking. 

How do I book a phone consult?

Phone consults are pre-booked and then YOU call 780-690-7317 at the designated time...All calls are ALBERTA time...the cost is $35.00+ GST = $36.75 per 15-30 minute consult.. all further treatments and supplements will be discussed at that time and a treatment plan established....Each consults is based on 1 animal per consult. Payment due by email money transfer prior to the appointment or by visa/MasterCard at the time of the appointment, 3% fee will be added to credit card payments. 24 hours notice is required when canceling an appointment. Missed appointments will be billed in full. Please call on time for your appointment. If you are late we might not be able to completely finish your appointment, before the next call. If you are more than 10 minutes late I will not take the call. 
Please write everything down that is being discussed , once I have finished your call I will be moving onto the next appointment 
and as I discuss several animals I might not remember exactly what was discussed with your animal. 

All consults are done from 9am-10:30am on weekdays only. I start my hands on appointments at 11am and I do NOT work on weekends. 

Picture Assesments 

Picture assessments are done on a First come basis. You will receive a full email written report with recommendations. I will need horses name and age, recent pictures front, back and both sides, and current diet. Cost is $40 + tax = $42 due when pictures are sent. 
Email Bronx1313@xplornet.com

How do I make payment?

Payment for all services is due at the time of service unless previously arranged... Accepted methods are Cash, PayPal, and E-Mail money transfer, Visa & MasterCard a 3% fee will apply to visa and MasterCard methods of payment. 
For E transfer email Bronx1313@xplornet.com Make password Perfectlead.  

General Information 

All products will be shipped within 24 hours after payment is received. 
Products will not be shipped until payment is received. 

Please be aware I love helping you and your horse.  But when I am competing I am just a competitor at that time not a therapist. Asking me "what is my horse saying right now?" Or wanting advice will be responded to with please book an appointment. 
I am more than happy to help you at a regular appointment. 

My phone is turned off evenings and weekends. So please don't think I am ignoring you. I try to adhere to regular business hours. 

All phone calls, texts, and emails will be returned as soon as possible...Due to the busy nature of the season it might take a few days before I am able to get back to you.... If you are having a problem with your horse, please book a regular appointment or a phone consult, that way we can find the best solution to your problems. Calls and texts will be returned during regular weekday hours.